Burglary Prevention Tips: How to Protect your Home from Break-Ins

Burglars will not identify your home as an easy target is they have to work in the bright lights, if they have to spend a lot of time and effort breaking in, if they cannot gain entry into your home without making a lot of noise, or if they are unsure of whether the contents of your home will be sufficient to satisfy their quest.


Research shows that burglars tend to give up if their break-in attempts are still unsuccessful after 4-5 minutes. Many insurance companies offer 2-15 percent discounts on devices that make your home safer, such as bars, window grates, dead bolt locks, and smoke/fire/burglar alarms, but there is no need to go overboard and compromise on your personal safety, making it impossible for you to escape a fire or other emergency. So, you should follow these simple tips to protect your belongings:


Tip #1: Avoid displaying too much of your belongings


Many people like to leave certain things lying around the yard in plain sight, such as packaging boxes of plasma TVs, and other pricey electronics and appliances. This informs people that you have something new that could get them some quick cash on the streets. Bicycles and scooters are also easy targets that should be rolled inside. Additionally, you should ensure that your window treatments do not reveal too much to people passing by your home, as expensive items may lure them.


Tip #2: Create an illusion that someone is home


Most burglaries take place when they know that there is no one at home. To create the impression that there could still be someone in the house, leave a light on, or play some music.


Tip #3: Secure sliding doors and windows


Older sliding doors are easy to break into by simply popping them off the frame, even when locked. Modern ones are more secure, though you may want to secure your sliding door by placing a steel bar or rod into the back grove, and installing a pin into the window frame to keep it from raising too high.


Other useful tips include:


  • Don’t leave a spare key out
  • Trim larger bushes and tree branches in your yard
  • Keep your doors and windows locked
  • Know your neighbors and let them know you
  • Install a home security system to deter thieves


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